Scott: Scott is originally from Warrnambool, Victoria and decided to move to Adelaide after completing his degree in Melbourne. He is particularly passionate about musculoskeletal injury and prevention, due to repeated injuries playing hockey in the South Australian and Victorian Premier League competitions. This allows him to understand the impact injury can have from a sporting perspective, but also the day-to-day implications.

In order to achieve this, Scott likes to form a close patient-practitioner bond and tailor rehabilitation programs to meet their needs. He is passionate about empowering all people to achieve their goals, regardless of activity level.

Scott likes to utilise effective interventions that expand his knowledge of various conditions. These include Extracorporeal shockwave therapy, Low-level laser therapy, dry needling, general foot care and orthotic prescription.

If he’s not at the clinic, you’ll find Scott playing hockey, surfing, cooking or gardening. Feel free to let him know about any good restaurants in Adelaide, because he’s always on the lookout.

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