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Why you Should get your Bunions Looked at?

Why you Should get your Bunions Looked at

People generally want to have their bunions treated for one of four reasons.

  • One: they can be quite painful, from a mild ache all the way through to debilitating.
  • Two: they don’t like the look of them.
  • Three: they don’t want to have surgery
  • Or four: they want to be able to wear any shoes that they like.

Today, I’m going to share with you one of the main causes of a bunion. Now, people often say they’ve inherited bunions from their parents and grandparents. What they actually inherit is their families’ foot shape.

Okay, so I’m going to show you a little demonstration now. So, when the foot’s got gravity on it, it naturally sits in this position here. So, this long bone here is nice and flat. In this position when we push up on that toe, it’s quite restricted.

Now, contrastingly, when I point that long bone downwards, okay and we push up that toe again, we get much better range there. As you can see it’s moving heaps and heaps more. The reason this occurs is as we point that bone downwards and accentuate that arch, we actually create a greater space between those bones there. Whereas when we’re in that flat position like this, the bones get jammed up together.

They can’t move and they’re essentially grinding along each other. If you think of rubbing your hands continuously together, the bone does the same thing. It forms of bony callus which, as you can see in bunions, we start to develop in this edge just here.

So, for people who want to avoid surgery, make it pain free and stop the bunion from looking worse, I definitely suggest they take advantage of our gift to you. One of our gap free bunion pain assessments. There’s only three every week with one of our brilliant practitioners. Now, these include five things.

  • Firstly, an initial consultation.
  • Secondly, a biomechanical examination.
  • Thirdly, a video gait analysis.
  • Fourthly, we will assess what stage the bunion is in.
  • And lastly, we will provide a non-surgical treatment plan for you.

Now, this is for patients with private health insurance and podiatry cover, but if you don’t have podiatry cover, no biggie. Our $214 assessment becomes just $51. So, please, take advantage of this gift and address the bunion before it becomes a far greater problem.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Thanks. Bye.

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