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Fitting Footwear and Bunions

Fitting Footwear and Bunions

One of the common causes for bunions is ill fitting footwear. If we look at this shoe, which is flat, you get 50% distribution through the front of the foot and 50% weight distribution through the heel. So, if you start increasing the height of the heel, you start increasing how much force you’re putting through the front of the foot. If, for example, someone is wearing a high heel, you could have maybe 80% weight distribution here and only 20% going through the heel, which can really cause a lot of pain and lead to a bunion or increase the bunion you already have.

The other aspect, which is important, is the width of the shoe. Making sure that you have enough room for your toes to stay comfortable in there and they’re not scrunched up and close together and not aggravating anywhere on the seams or the sides which can lead to bunions or other forefoot problems.

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