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Are Bunions Hereditary?

Are Bunions Hereditary

People often wonder if bunions are hereditary. The answer is yes, but only to some degree.

This is because what you inherit is not the bunion itself, but the foot type from a parent. For example, if your mother had very flat feet, then what you’ve inherited is that flat foot. Now she’s got bunions, then you are likely to get bunions. But there are other factors involved as well, such as ill-fitting footwear. So, it’s not just hereditary factors responsible, but it does play a big role.

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Bindy likes all aspects of podiatry and has experience treating various conditions using shockwave therapy, dry needling, swift therapy, Lunula Laser, taping techniques, nail surgery and orthotic therapy. Bindy is new to Adelaide and keen to explore the region. When not working her interests are travel, swimming, yoga, cooking and good food!

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